Construction Update Blog 6/14/24

Post installation is nearing completion. Cable, module, and combiner box installation continue on site, as does racking. Inverter foundation installation will begin in the coming weeks. The substation foundations have been placed.

Construction Update Blog 5/31/24

Pre-drilling and pile installation is nearly complete. Substation foundation installations have begun. Collection installation, fence install, racking, and module installation are continuing as scheduled.

Construction Update Blog 5/17/24

Pile installation will be complete in the coming weeks, and collection cable installation has started. Substation site work has begun, and racking and module installation have increased pace. Continue reading

Construction Update Blog 5/2/24

Racking, post installation, and drilling continue on site. Module unloading will also continue over the next few weeks, and silt fence repairs are being made as needed.

Construction Update Blog 4/19/24

Continued work on site includes pre-drilling, pile installation, installing the racking system, excavating for inverter pads, and repairing silt fences as needed. Continue reading

Construction Update 4/05/24

Array grading is complete, and racking system installation has begun. Inverter pad excavation is scheduled to begin next week, and module installation and substation grading are scheduled to begin the following week

Construction Update Blog 3/22/24

Post installation, racking, and compacting are ongoing. Module and wire unloading continue, and substation construction is expected to begin in early April. Over the weekend of March 30, aerial seeding, a chemical-free method of seeding, will occur.  Continue reading

Construction Update Blog 3/8/24

Wire delivery is complete and racking system installation has started. Module unloading continues, and AC routing is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

Construction Update Blog 2/23/24

Array grading and laydown yards are complete. Module unloading, pre-drilling, and compaction continue on-site. Electrical wire deliveries will continue over the next few weeks. In March, AC routing, racking, and module installation will begin. Continue reading

Construction Update 2/9/24

Access road maintenance and rock removal from the construction site have started. Silt fence repairs, module unloading, and pile installation continue. Geotech for the substation is complete.