Construction Update Blog 2/23/24

Array grading and laydown yards are complete. Module unloading, pre-drilling, and compaction continue on-site. Electrical wire deliveries will continue over the next few weeks. In March, AC routing, racking, and module installation will begin. Continue reading

Construction Update 2/9/24

Access road maintenance and rock removal from the construction site have started. Silt fence repairs, module unloading, and pile installation continue. Geotech for the substation is complete. 

Construction Update 1/26/24

Permanent fences will start being installed in early February. Both laydown yards and array grading are complete. Post installation and wire unloading continues, and electrical materials are being delivered in the coming weeks.

Construction Update 1/12/24

Post installation, unloading, and hole drilling continues. Silt fence repairs are continuing as needed. Deliveries have started for electrical material, and unloading will begin soon. Array grading will be completed in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Construction Update 12/29/23

Pile installation and pre-drilling continue. Module deliveries will begin mid-next week.

Construction Update 12/15/23

The laydown yard on Highway 269 is complete. Temporary construction offices will be set up in the coming weeks. Pile installation has begun, and pre-drilling for piles continues. Module deliveries will begin soon after the start of the new year.

Construction Update 12/1/23

Post unloading and pre-drilling started this week. Crews are graveling the laydown yard and installing additional hardware. Array grading continues and silt fence repairs will continue on an as-needed basis. Pile installation will begin next week.

Construction Update 11/17/23

Tree chipping has neared completion, and any remaining piles will be moved offsite in the coming days. All construction entrances are now in place, and the laydown yard at 8409 SR 269 is expected to be complete by the end of the month. Predrilling will begin next week, and pile installation will commence at the beginning of December. 

Construction Update 11/3/23

This week, continued efforts include access road installation as well as tree chipping and hauling offsite. The silt fence has been completed; repairs will be made as needed moving forward. Entrances D and F are also complete. 

Construction Update 10/20/23

This week, continued efforts include access road installation, array grading, silt fence installation and repair, and laydown yards. Further mobilization is slated to start next week. In the coming weeks, project signage will be placed in various locations, and pre-drilling for piles will begin.